London ArtsFest aim is building bridges of understanding between culturally and ethnically diverse communities in the UK and abroad. Your support is invaluable in maintaining and continuing our work.

There are various ways in which you could get involved.

Become our Patron

Patrons have a special importance for London ArtsFest. As distinguished professionals in their field, Patrons hold an advisory role. They should also convey our organisation’s aims to the wider community and support our events and causes. Their work contributes towards raising the profile of London ArtsFest work and to the increased support through donations. If you are interested in becoming a London ArtsFest Patron or would like to recommend someone, please write to The Administrator at indicating your interest.

Become our Friend

Join our Friend’s Circle and receive invitations to our events, take part in our group visits to galleries, museums, opera, cultural breaks and other social events. By doing this, you will meet like-minded people. You can be assured that your contribution supports the existence and future development of London ArtsFest. Please visit our Friend’s Page where you can download our Membership Form, or contact The Administrator via email to obtain a copy of the Friends Application Form.


London ArtsFest relies on supporters help to sustain and further develop its events and activities, in particular for the London ArtsFest Young Masters Fund, which provides crucial support to young artists. Please contact us via email for further information and to discuss the ways in which you could help.


We are always happy to hear from people who are prepared to help us by donating their time, work and effort. There are numerous ways to engage in our activities at various levels. To apply for a volunteer position or an internship at London ArtsFest please forward your CV and cover letter stating your availability period, qualifications, skills and interests via email