LAF Young Masters Platform

London ArtsFest Young Masters (LAFYM)

It is not possible to list the names of all artists who have taken part in London Artsfest Young Masters series (LAFYM) thus far, due to the theĀ  large number of participants. Some of the previous London ArtsFest Young Masters (musicians) are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Daniel Roberts

Jovan Bogosavlevic

Irina Botan

Bobby ChenĀ 

Stefan Ciric

ConTempo String Quartet

Katherine Denton

Daniel Grimwood

Patrick Lechner

Warren Mailley-Smith

Frederik Malmqvist,

Joseph Middleton

Simona Mihai

Sophie Mayuko Vetter

Jana Novakova

Shulah Oliver

Alex Prior

Theresia Renelt

Balint Szekely

Evgenia Terentieva